Shannon Sharpe Responds To Mase Addressing Mike Epps & Shannon Beef|Night Cap

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    Shannon Sharpe, former NFL player turned sports analyst, recently made headlines after responding to rapper Mase addressing the ongoing beef between him and comedian Mike Epps on the popular show Night Cap.

    The feud between Sharpe and Epps started when Epps made a joke about Sharpe on social media, to which Sharpe fired back with some shady remarks of his own. This led to a back-and-forth exchange between the two, with fans eagerly watching to see who would come out on top.

    However, things took an unexpected turn when Mase, who is known for his hit songs like “Feel So Good” and “Welcome Back”, decided to weigh in on the situation during an appearance on Night Cap. Mase expressed his support for Epps and criticized Sharpe for his actions, adding fuel to the fire of their already heated feud.

    In response, Sharpe took to his own social media platforms to address Mase’s comments, stating that he was unbothered by the rapper’s opinion and suggesting that Mase should focus on his own career instead of getting involved in their drama. Sharpe further emphasized that he has no intention of backing down and will continue to defend himself against any attacks.

    As tensions continue to rise between Sharpe, Epps, and now Mase, fans are left wondering how this feud will play out and if any resolution is in sight. Will Sharpe and Epps be able to bury the hatchet, or will their beef continue to escalate? Stay tuned for more updates on this celebrity feud.