Warren G Disputes Suge Knight’s Allegation of Dr. Dre Physically Assaulting Him

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    Warren G Responds to Suge Knight’s Claims About Dr. Dre

    Warren G has responded to recent claims made by Suge Knight, shutting down allegations that Dr. Dre used to physically assault him. In a recent podcast episode, Suge Knight recounted an incident where he claimed to witness Dr. Dre beating up Warren G, his own stepbrother.

    Warren G quickly fired back at Suge, acknowledging that there were others present in the room during the alleged incident. He questioned why Suge was bringing up the past and urged him to let it go.

    Despite the drama, Warren G seems to be in good standing with other West Coast legends. He recently announced plans to tour Canada with Snoop Dogg and DJ Quik as part of the Cali To Canada Tour. The 11-date tour will kick off in Halifax on June 3 and conclude in Vancouver on June 25.

    Snoop Dogg, who has a long history with both Warren G and Dr. Dre, took to Instagram to share the exciting news of the upcoming tour. The trio of West Coast veterans will be spreading the good word of California Hip Hop across the Great White North.

    With his upcoming tour and continued connections to West Coast icons, Warren G remains a respected figure in the world of hip hop despite the recent controversy stirred up by Suge Knight.