Lawsuit alleges Diddy forced woman to have sex with Kim Porter

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    Diddy Accused of Forcing Woman to Have Sex with Ex Kim Porter in New Rape Lawsuit

    Diddy Accused of Forcing Woman to Have Sex with Ex Kim Porter in New Rape Lawsuit

    In a shocking new development, music mogul Diddy has been accused of forcing a woman to have sex with his late ex-girlfriend Kim Porter in a new rape lawsuit. The alleged victim, April Lampros, filed a suit in New York claiming that Diddy sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions, including once with Porter after she was allegedly forced to take ecstasy.

    Lampros, who first met Diddy in 1994 when she was a fashion student, also alleges that the mogul recorded their sexual encounters without her knowledge or consent and later showed the video to others. She is suing Diddy for battery, sexual assault, infliction of emotional distress, and gender-motivated violence.

    This is not the first time Diddy has faced allegations of sexual assault, but he has not yet commented on this latest lawsuit. Lampros claims that the assaults began in 1995 and continued over the years, with Diddy allegedly pressuring her to drink alcohol and later raping her in a hotel room.

    The lawsuit also details an incident in a parking garage where Lampros claims Diddy forced her to perform oral sex on him and threatened to harm her if she tried to distance herself. The most disturbing allegation is that Diddy forced Lampros to have sex with Kim Porter after giving them ecstasy, claiming she had no control over the situation.

    Lampros is determined to seek justice and hopes that by coming forward, she can prevent other women from experiencing similar trauma. This lawsuit adds to the growing list of sexual assault allegations against Diddy, with Lampros being the seventh person to sue him in the past six months. The music industry is once again facing scrutiny over the treatment of women, and it remains to be seen how Diddy will respond to these serious accusations.