Common Thanks YE and J Dilla for ‘Be’ on Album’s 19th Anniversary

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    Celebrating 20 Years of Common’s Be: New Single “Wise Up” with Pete Rock Released

    Common and Pete Rock Celebrate 20th Anniversary of “Be” with New Single “Wise Up”

    Hip-hop fans rejoice as Common and Pete Rock have joined forces to release their new single, “Wise Up,” in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Common’s classic album, “Be.” The track, which combines the essence of the Golden Age of Hip Hop with a modern twist, has been highly anticipated by fans and critics alike.

    In a recent Instagram post, Common expressed his gratitude to Kanye West and J Dilla, as well as all the artists and musicians who contributed to the success of “Be.” The collaboration between Common and Pete Rock is a testament to their enduring impact on the hip-hop genre.

    Directed by Marleaux Desiré, the music video for “Wise Up” captures the essence of street-level community stories, visually representing the themes explored in the song. With visual ideations from ILLIMITÉWORLD and photography by Alonzo Hellerbach, the video is a creative and inspiring visual presentation.

    “Wise Up” showcases the perfect pairing of Common’s lyrical depth and Pete Rock’s legendary production skills. The single pays homage to their roots in the Golden Age of Hip Hop while demonstrating their ability to evolve with the times, offering a universal appeal that transcends generations.

    As fans eagerly await more collaborations between Common and Pete Rock, “Wise Up” reaffirms their status as influential figures in hip-hop, continuing to shape the genre with their innovative and thought-provoking work. Stay tuned for more exciting releases from these iconic artists.