Fans speculate that Sterling K. Brown may have thrown shade at Jennifer Lopez

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    Sterling K. Brown Throws Shade at Jennifer Lopez: The Real Reason Behind the Drama

    Oscar-nominated actor Sterling K. Brown has been making headlines recently for throwing some playful shade at Jennifer Lopez during the press run for their latest Netflix film “Atlas.” The trio of actors, including Simu Liu, sat down with Unilad to answer various questions about the movie.

    When asked about their go-to comfort meal after a long journey, J-Lo mentioned her love for rice and beans, a staple in Puerto Rican cuisine. However, Brown couldn’t resist interjecting with a sly comment, saying, “Are you Puerto Rican? Get out of here. Arroz, frijoles, a me gusta French toast.”

    Fans took to social media to express their amusement at Brown’s playful jabs, with many speculating about the reason behind his teasing. In a separate interview with Access Hollywood, Brown revealed that he was a big fan of Lopez back in the day, and her first music video on MTV may have caused a temporary breakup between him and his now-wife Ryan Michelle Bathe.

    Brown humorously recounted how Bathe caught him getting emotional while watching Lopez’s music video, leading to a lighthearted argument between the couple. Despite the brief split, Brown and Bathe eventually reconciled, but it seems Brown hasn’t forgotten the role Lopez inadvertently played in their relationship drama.

    Whether Brown’s shade was serious or just good-natured teasing, it’s clear that there’s a playful dynamic between him and Lopez. And who knows, maybe his jabs are just a way of getting back at Lopez for the unexpected impact she had on his past relationship. It’s all in good fun, right?