Leaked: PARTYNEXTDOOR’s Original Reference Track for Drake’s “Ratchet Happy Birthday”

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    Exploring Drake’s “Scorpion” Deep Cut: Fans Debate PARTYNEXTDOOR And Drake Versions

    Fans of Drake are buzzing with excitement after a leaked reference track from fellow OVO artist PARTYNEXTDOOR surfaced, shedding new light on the creation of the hit song “Ratchet Happy Birthday” from Drake’s album Scorpion. The leaked track has sparked a debate among fans, with some arguing that PARTYNEXTDOOR’s version may even be better than the original.

    The original reference track leak comes on the heels of another leaked track, this time for “Mob Ties” performed by Vory, which has also caused a stir among fans. The revelation of these reference tracks has prompted discussions about Drake’s legacy as a rapper and his prolific output of music.

    As fans continue to dissect and compare the leaked reference track to the final version of “Ratchet Happy Birthday,” the debate rages on about which version reigns supreme. Some fans are praising PARTYNEXTDOOR’s vocals and interpretation of the song, while others argue that Drake’s original version is still the definitive one.

    With renewed interest in the deep cuts of Scorpion, fans are revisiting the album and appreciating the artistry and collaboration that went into creating these tracks. Whether you prefer PARTYNEXTDOOR’s take on “Ratchet Happy Birthday” or Drake’s original version, one thing is for certain – the music of Scorpion continues to captivate and inspire fans six years after its release.