Lizzo Feels Like a Boss After ‘South Park’ Joke

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    “South Park Tackles Healthcare and Body Positivity in Latest Special ‘The End of Obesity'”

    The latest episode of the animated comedy “South Park” titled “The End of Obesity” has sparked controversy and laughter as the kids navigate America’s broken healthcare system in an attempt to help Eric Cartman lose weight. In a hilarious twist, Eric’s doctor prescribes the alternative weight loss drug “Lizzo,” named after the popular singer known for her message of body positivity.

    The fake commercial for “Lizzo” in the episode claims that the drug helps users eat whatever they want and avoid physical activity, with 70 percent of patients no longer caring about their weight. The Grammy-winning artist herself, Lizzo, responded to the parody on TikTok, expressing both shock and amusement at being referenced on the long-running show.

    While Lizzo’s message of body positivity has been a central theme in her music and public persona, the episode raises questions about the authenticity of her message amidst recent sexual harassment allegations. However, the importance of self-love and acceptance, regardless of societal standards, remains a key takeaway from the episode.

    As “South Park” continues to push boundaries and make headlines with its satirical take on current events, “The End of Obesity” serves as a reminder that body positivity is about more than just not caring what others think. The episode is now available for streaming on Paramount+, offering fans a chance to enjoy the irreverent humor and social commentary the show is known for.