Florida Police Use Excessive Force on Black Teen, Punching and Tasering Him

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    Florida Police Department Under Review Following Violent Arrest of Black Teen on Memorial Day

    The violent arrest of a Black teen on Memorial Day in Florida has sparked outrage and calls for accountability after a video of the incident was leaked to the public. The footage shows two officers punching the 16-year-old boy in the head before deploying a Taser, causing him to fall to the ground in pain.

    The incident took place at the Caroline Apartments in Lakeland, where officers were responding to a complaint about non-residents using the pool. According to the police report, the teen refused to identify himself or his apartment number and became uncooperative when asked to leave. The altercation escalated when he allegedly put his hand in an officer’s face, leading to the violent confrontation captured on video.

    The teen’s mother, Jatae Lewis, expressed her shock and anger at the officers’ actions, calling it “child abuse” and demanding justice for her son. Chief Sammy Taylor of the Lakeland Police Department has initiated an administrative review of the incident following criticism from community activists and leaders.

    Despite being charged with trespassing and failure to leave upon order, the teen now also faces two felony charges of battery on a police officer and resisting an officer with violence. The case has reignited conversations about police brutality and the treatment of Black individuals by law enforcement, with many calling for accountability and reform within the department.