Bryson Tiller Says Drake Ignoring His Text Lead to Him NOT SIGNING to OVO! – @YeaImStacie

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    In a shocking turn of events, Bryson Tiller has revealed that a simple text message snub from Drake may have cost him a huge opportunity to sign with OVO Sound.

    The R&B singer opened up about the missed connection in a recent interview, admitting that he had reached out to Drake in hopes of joining his prestigious label. However, after waiting for a response that never came, Tiller ultimately decided to pursue other opportunities.

    “I sent Drake a text expressing my interest in signing with OVO Sound, but he never replied,” Tiller confessed. “I took it as a sign that he wasn’t interested, so I decided to explore other options instead.”

    This missed opportunity has left fans wondering what could have been if Drake had only taken the time to respond to Tiller’s message. Would the “Don’t” singer have become a part of the OVO roster, or would his career have taken a different trajectory altogether?

    In the meantime, Tiller is focused on his own music and making a name for himself outside of the OVO camp. Despite the setback, he remains grateful for the opportunities that have come his way and is excited to see where his career will take him next.

    As for Drake, he has yet to comment on Tiller’s revelation, leaving fans to speculate on what could have been if he had only responded to that fateful text message. Only time will tell if these two artists will cross paths in the future, but for now, the missed connection remains a tantalizing what-if in the world of music gossip.