Check out the trailer for “Black Barbie” by Shonda Rhimes on Netflix!

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    “Shonda Rhimes’ Black Barbie Documentary: Official Trailer Released by Netflix”

    Television powerhouse Shonda Rhimes has teamed up with Netflix to produce a groundbreaking documentary titled Black Barbie, shedding light on the revolutionary impact of three Black women on the iconic Barbie brand. Directed by Lagueria Davis, the film delves into the journey of creating the first Black Barbie doll and the significant role it played in shaping the identity of children.

    Inspired by the story of her great aunt Beulah Mae Mitchell, a Mattel employee who dared to ask why there wasn’t a Barbie that looked like her, Davis explores the history of Black dolls, their influence on civil rights, and the representation of Black entrepreneurship. The documentary also highlights the stories of Black women immortalized by Barbie dolls made in their likeness, showcasing the diverse array of dolls we see today.

    Executive produced by Camilla Hall, Jyoti Sarda, Milan Chakraborty, Grace Lay, Sumalee Montano, Rhimes, and Betsy Beers, Black Barbie celebrates the impact of three Black women at Mattel on the evolution of the Barbie brand. The film is set to premiere on Netflix on June 19, offering viewers a glimpse into the importance of representation and the role dolls play in shaping identity and imagination.

    With Davis and Aaliyah Williams at the helm as producers, Black Barbie promises to be a captivating exploration of Black culture over the past 70 years and the enduring influence of the Black Barbie doll on generations of children. Don’t miss this insightful and inspiring documentary that celebrates diversity and the power of representation in the world of toys.