Hunter Biden’s Former Partner Alleges Shocking Details of His Daily Substance Abuse

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    Hunter Biden’s Ex Details His Drug Routine and Testifies in Gun Trial

    Hunter Biden’s Ex Details His Drug Routine in Federal Gun Trial

    Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is currently facing a federal gun charge trial, and the spotlight is shining directly on him. The trial has taken an unexpected turn as his ex-girlfriend, Zoe Kestan, took the stand and revealed shocking details about his alleged drug use during their relationship.

    According to TMZ, Kestan testified that Hunter’s drug use was constant, with a particular addiction to crack cocaine. She claimed that he would want to smoke crack as soon as he woke up, and identified drug paraphernalia, including multiple crack pipes, in images shown to her during the trial.

    Despite the damning revelations about his drug habits, Kestan also described Hunter as charming and universally liked by everyone he met in public. The contrast in her testimony has left many observers surprised and intrigued by the complexity of Hunter’s character.

    The trial comes at a time when political trials are at the forefront of public attention, following the recent guilty verdict in Donald Trump’s trial. The implications of these trials on the upcoming presidential election are being hotly debated online.

    What do you think of the newest revelations about Hunter Biden’s drug use? Do you believe Kestan’s claims about his addiction to crack cocaine? Share your thoughts in the comments below as the trial continues to unfold.