Mississippi Goon Squad Messages Revealed, Prompting Calls for Department Review

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    Mississippi Deputies Exposed: Shocking Text Messages Reveal Disturbing Behavior

    The shocking revelations of the “Goon Squad” deputies in Mississippi have sent shockwaves through the community, exposing a disturbing culture of violence and misconduct within the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office. The leaked WhatsApp group chat obtained by The New York Times and Mississippi Today paints a chilling picture of deputies joking and boasting about heinous crimes, including the torture of two innocent Black men.

    Among the messages uncovered were discussions about using excessive force, including tasing suspects in sensitive areas and making crude jokes about shooting and killing individuals. The deputies even turned arrests into a sick game, with one deputy asking how many points he would get for shooting someone.

    The most disturbing part of the revelations was the casual banter about dead bodies, with deputies sharing photos of corpses and making grotesque jokes about mutilation and necrophilia. Supervisor Lieutenant Jeffrey Middleton, one of the deputies involved in the torture of the two Black men, was also implicated in the vile messages, instructing deputies to poke a dead body with a stick and encouraging excessive force against suspects.

    Despite the shocking nature of the messages, at least nine of the officers involved are still active in the department. The Rankin County Sheriff’s Office has announced they will conduct a review based on the leaked messages, but the community is left reeling from the betrayal of trust by those sworn to protect and serve. The six deputies involved in the torture of the Black men are now serving over 17 years in federal prison, but the scars of their actions will linger for much longer in the small town of Rankin County.