YFN Lucci Refuses to Testify in Young Thug’s RICO Trial

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    YFN Lucci Will Not Testify in Young Thug’s YSL RICO Trial in Atlanta, GA

    YFN Lucci Refuses to Testify in Young Thug’s YSL RICO Trial

    In a surprising turn of events, YFN Lucci has made it clear that he will not be testifying in Young Thug’s ongoing YSL RICO trial in Atlanta, GA. The decision was confirmed in court by the prosecution, who stated that they do not believe Lucci will be taking the witness stand.

    Despite being on the state’s witness list, Lucci had previously refused to testify in the case. His attorney emphasized that the rapper will not be a witness in the YSL case, making it clear that his involvement in the trial will be minimal.

    The case involves allegations that Young Thug ordered a hit on YFN Lucci, who was stabbed in jail in 2022 by two YSL affiliates. The high-profile trial has garnered attention from the media and fans alike, with over 700 potential witnesses initially set to testify.

    Notably, Lil Wayne and Thugger’s brother Unfook had their names removed from the witness list, while Birdman and Rich Homie Quan are still potential witnesses in the trial. Quan has given a police statement that will be read in court, but it is unclear if he will provide evidence against Thug during his testimony.

    Young Thug faces multiple charges in the case, including conspiracy to violate the RICO Act and participation in criminal street gang activity. The trial continues to unfold as more details emerge, with Lucci’s decision not to testify adding another layer of intrigue to the proceedings.