Copyright Infringement Claims on Responses to Kendrick Lamar’s Diss Tracks

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    The Aftermath of the Kendrick Lamar and Drake Beef: YouTube Reactors Face Copyright Strikes

    The beef between Kendrick Lamar and Drake may have ended nearly a month ago, but fans on social media are still keeping it alive in a surprising turn of events. During the height of the beef, streamers and YouTubers played a significant role in fueling the narrative on which rapper was “winning.” Reaction videos to the diss tracks were almost as crucial as the songs themselves, with creators profiting from the content.

    However, recent claims have surfaced that these reaction videos have been hit with copyright strikes, leading to creators losing the revenue they generated. Popular YouTubers like No Life Shaq and Zias have weighed in on the situation, with conflicting reports on whether the videos were struck or just auto-claimed.

    Despite the controversy, other content creators have defended Lamar’s initial decision to lift copyright claims on the reaction videos, highlighting that it allowed them to profit during the peak of the beef. Simba Tha God and Scru Face Jean have also chimed in, emphasizing the opportunity creators had to make money during that time.

    As the debate continues to unfold, Kendrick Lamar seems to have moved on to more important matters, announcing “The Pop Out – Ken & Friends Concert” at The Forum in Los Angeles on Juneteenth. It appears that Lamar is focused on his music and live performances, leaving the beef behind him. Fans will have to wait and see if this marks the end of the drama or if it will continue to linger in the background of the hip-hop world.