Drake Suspects Elliot Wilson of Giving Kendrick Lamar Information About Him

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    Elliott Wilson’s Rat Emoji Claims About Drake & The Kendrick Lamar Beef

    In a recent appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast, music journalist Elliott Wilson dropped some bombshell claims about his relationship with Drake and the ongoing beef between the Toronto rapper and Kendrick Lamar. Wilson revealed that he reached out to Drake to inquire about the release of “Family Matters,” only to receive a cryptic response in the form of a rat emoji.

    This gesture from Drake insinuated that he believed Wilson had leaked information to Kendrick Lamar about him and his OVO crew. While Wilson had previously denied these claims, the situation remains murky. It’s unclear whether Drake was suggesting Wilson wanted to leak information to Lamar or if he believed Wilson had already done so.

    The tension between Drake and Wilson seems to run deep, with the journalist claiming that the rapper had blacklisted him from Toronto. This latest incident only adds fuel to the fire, highlighting Drake’s growing distrust of the media and those outside his inner circle.

    As the feud between Drake and Kendrick Lamar continues to simmer, it raises questions about how rappers navigate their relationships with the media. Wilson’s claims add a new layer of intrigue to an already intense rivalry, leaving fans wondering if this rift will ever be repaired.

    In the world of rap beef, alliances can shift and suspicions run high. With Wilson’s allegations adding a new twist to the Drake-Kendrick saga, it’s clear that this feud is far from over. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving story.