Former associate of Juice WRLD, Lotty, advertises another sex tape for purchase

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    Juice WRLD’s Ex Ally Lotty Reportedly Lists Another Sex Tape for Sale

    Juice WRLD’s ex, Ally Lotty, has once again stirred controversy by reportedly listing another sex tape featuring the late rapper for sale. Screenshots from Lotty’s OnlyFans page captured by No Jumper tease a new film starring the pair engaging in intimate activities.

    In the caption, Lotty explicitly describes the content of the tape, claiming it features “shower sex with my famous ex” and that she wanted to release a new unreleased sex tape with Juice WRLD. This isn’t the first time Lotty has attempted to profit off her past relationship with the rapper. Earlier this year, she faced backlash for trying to sell a sex tape featuring the two of them together.

    The reaction to Lotty’s latest move has been overwhelmingly negative, with many criticizing her for exploiting Juice WRLD’s death. Fans have expressed their anger and disappointment, with one person even wishing for Lotty’s demise.

    This isn’t the first time Lotty has faced backlash for trying to profit off Juice WRLD’s legacy. In the past, she has also attempted to sell his clothes and personal belongings online, further fueling the controversy surrounding their relationship.

    As the story continues to unfold, fans and critics alike are left questioning the ethics of profiting off a deceased loved one’s legacy, and the impact it has on their memory.