HBCU Sports Announces Categories for First-Ever HBCU Sports Awards

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    Announcing the Inaugural HBCU Sports Awards Categories for July 27 Event

    HBCU Sports Awards Set to Honor Excellence in HBCU Athletics

    The highly anticipated inaugural HBCU Sports Awards, set to take place on July 27, announced the categories on Wednesday, sparking excitement within the HBCU athletics community. With a total of 46 categories, the awards will honor individual, team, and administrative achievements across HBCU sports.

    The categories have been divided into three main sections: student-athletes, head coaches, and athletic administrators. A total of 24 categories will recognize outstanding performances of student-athletes, 12 will highlight the achievements of head coaches, and 10 will celebrate the contributions of athletic administrators, in addition to two lifetime achievement awards.

    From Football Defensive Player of the Year to Women’s Soccer Player of the Year, the categories for student-athletes cover a wide range of sports and accomplishments. Head coaches will also be recognized in categories such as Football Coach of the Year and Volleyball Coach of the Year, while athletic administrators will be acknowledged for their roles in categories like Athletic Director of the Year and Best Social Media Presence.

    Kenn Rashad, founder and publisher of HBCU Sports, expressed his excitement for the upcoming event, calling it a historic moment for the organization. “We are thrilled to recognize the exceptional talent within HBCU athletics,” Rashad said. “The support we’ve received so far has been overwhelming, and we look forward to celebrating these incredible individuals.”

    The final categories will be officially announced by the end of May, with nominations opening in late June or early July. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking event in HBCU sports!