Ray J discusses the feud between Brandy and Monica on Club Shay Shay

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    Ray J Opens Up About Brandy and Monica Feud on Club Shay Shay Podcast

    In a recent episode of his Club Shay Shay podcast, singer Ray J opened up about the longstanding feud between his sister Brandy and R&B rival Monica. The feud, which dates back to the late 1990s, was reportedly sparked by competition and escalated to a physical altercation backstage at the 1998 VMAs.

    Ray J revealed to Shannon Sharpe that the feud between Brandy and Monica was not fake, but rather fueled by the competitiveness between the two singers and their respective squads. Despite their rocky past, the two singers put their differences aside for a Verzuz battle in 2020, where they shared their mutual respect for each other.

    Now that Brandy and Monica have reconciled, Ray J expressed his desire to see them go on tour together. He told Sharpe that it is his dream to see his sister and Monica hit the road together, showcasing their musical talents and putting their past behind them.

    The feud between Brandy and Monica may have been intense in the past, but it seems that the two singers have moved on and are focused on building a positive relationship moving forward. Fans can only hope that Ray J’s dream of a joint tour becomes a reality in the near future.