Suge Knight Claims Diddy Has Been an FBI Informant, Watch the Interview

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    Suge Knight Claims Diddy is a Known Government Informant in Recent Interview with Son Legend Knight

    In a shocking revelation on the latest episode of Collect Call with Suge Knight, the former Death Row CEO dropped a bombshell about Diddy being a known government informant. Hosted by his son Legend Knight, Suge claimed that this information has been widely known within the Hip Hop industry and even among Diddy’s own crew.

    “It’s a lot of things that people been knowing, and everybody gets judged differently,” Suge stated during the interview. “Puffy been an FBI informant forever, as they would say. That’s why it’s different when it comes to him.”

    Suge didn’t hold back, pointing out that not only did people in the industry know about Diddy’s alleged informant status, but also his crew, exes, and even the women he dated. He urged everyone to stop blaming everything on Diddy and to acknowledge that this information has been circulating for a long time.

    The controversial figure also touched on the topic of unity within the West Coast music scene, expressing his desire to see artists come together and support each other. He praised artists like Kendrick Lamar and DJ Mustard for representing well and emphasized the need for a stronger sense of community.

    Additionally, Suge shared insights into his own legal situation, revealing why he took the deal that led to his current 28-year prison sentence. He mentioned having a new lawyer working on his case and expressed hope for an early release.

    The interview has sparked a wave of reactions and discussions within the music industry, with many questioning the implications of Suge’s claims about Diddy. Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.