Talib Kweli Discusses Aye Verb Feud on Math Hoffa’s ‘My Expert Opinion’ Podcast

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    Talib Kweli Discusses Issues with Aye Verb on Math Hoffa’s “My Expert Opinion” Show

    The interview with Talib Kweli on Math Hoffa’s β€œMy Expert Opinion” show was nothing short of captivating. The Brooklyn emcee opened up about his lack of familiarity with battle rapper Aye Verb, despite their interactions on social media. Kweli praised Math Hoffa for his handling of the situation and compared it to Joe Budden’s approach on his podcast.

    Kweli also addressed being kicked off social media in the past and responded to claims made by Aye Verb and his friend. He stood by his political views, calling Donald Trump a white supremacist and criticizing Aye Verb’s hypermasculine approach in battle rap.

    The conversation took a serious turn as Kweli discussed the derogatory comments towards women made by Aye Verb, likening him to the controversial figure Kevin Samuels. Despite the tension between the two, Kweli remained composed and articulate in his responses.

    Overall, the episode provided a deep dive into the world of battle rap and social media controversies, with Talib Kweli offering his unique perspective on the issues at hand. Fans of the show were left eager for more insights from Kweli and his take on the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop and online discourse.