Tisha Campbell Opens Up About How Her Marriage to Duane Martin Impacted Her Health

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    Actress Tisha Campbell Opens Up About Her Battle with Sarcoidosis and the Impact on Her Life and Marriage

    Actress Tisha Campbell recently shared an intimate look into her ongoing battle with sarcoidosis, a chronic lung disease, and its profound impact on her life and marriage to actor Duane Martin. Campbell spoke candidly about her journey on “The MIBO Show,” hosted by former music executive and now mental and physical health advocate Shanti Das.

    During the interview, Campbell revealed that her health seemed to improve only after her highly publicized and messy divorce from Martin. She recounted the harrowing moment when her doctor presented three possible diagnoses: valley flu, sarcoidosis, or lymphoma. Determined to fight through whatever it was, Campbell sought the expertise of Dr. Wolf, who ordered a biopsy. She initially feared she might share the same fate as her sitcom brother, Bernie Mac, who also battled sarcoidosis.

    The initial diagnosis was grim: sarcoidosis had manifested in stage 1 on the base of Campbell’s brain, her lymph nodes, and her right lung. Despite her best efforts, including taking steroids and other treatments, Campbell faced significant health challenges. She experienced weight gain, became pre-diabetic, and saw the disease progress. After living with the disease for seven to eight years, Campbell believes that a C-section she underwent accelerated the sarcoidosis to stage 2.

    Throughout her battle, Campbell has demonstrated remarkable resilience and determination. By opening up about her experiences, Campbell hopes to raise awareness about sarcoidosis and inspire others facing similar challenges to continue fighting. Her story sheds light on the struggles faced by those living with chronic illnesses and the importance of perseverance and support. Campbell’s journey is a testament to her strength and courage in the face of adversity.