Attorney for Young Thug Arrested During YSL RICO Trial

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    Young Thug’s Attorney Taken Into Custody and Held in Contempt During YSL RICO Trial

    Young Thug’s attorney, Brian Steel, found himself in hot water during the ongoing YSL RICO trial when he was taken into custody and held in contempt of court. The drama unfolded when Steel confronted Judge Ural Glanville about a private meeting that took place between the judge, prosecutors, and a key witness before court proceedings began.

    Refusing to disclose his source of information about the meeting, Steel was promptly escorted out of the courtroom by deputies at the judge’s direction. He argued that he should have been present for the meeting, especially since the witness in question, Kenneth Copeland, had spent the weekend in jail for refusing to testify despite having an immunity deal.

    After being removed from the courtroom, DA Adriane Love requested that Steel be allowed back in for the rest of the day’s proceedings, which was eventually granted. However, Judge Glanville made it clear that Steel would be held in contempt if he did not reveal his source by the end of the business day.

    The trial has been filled with twists and turns, with Copeland invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and being held in contempt until he finally testified on Monday. Steel has filed a motion for a mistrial in response to the events that have unfolded.

    As the YSL RICO trial continues, all eyes are on the courtroom as the legal drama surrounding Young Thug and his associates unfolds.