Westside Gunn Announces Completion of His Upcoming Album

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    Westside Gunn Completes New Album and Provides Life Update on Instagram

    Westside Gunn, the acclaimed rapper and fashion designer, has given fans a much-anticipated update on his upcoming projects. In a lengthy Instagram post on Sunday night, Gunn confirmed that his next album is officially finished, much to the delight of his dedicated fan base.

    Addressing concerns about his well-being, Gunn reassured his followers that he is doing well both mentally and physically. He emphasized that he is still the “SUPER FLYGOD” and is focused on creating new music and designs to make an impact on the culture.

    Gunn’s upcoming album will mark his sixth studio release, following the success of his previous projects like “Pray for Paris” and “And Then You Pray for Me.” Known for his unique style and lyrical prowess, Gunn has garnered a loyal following in the hip-hop community.

    In addition to his solo work, Gunn recently collaborated with fellow artists Conway the Machine and The Alchemist on the single “Halal,” showcasing his versatility and creative vision.

    Fans can expect Gunn to continue pushing boundaries and delivering innovative music with his upcoming album. Stay tuned for more updates on this highly anticipated project from the talented artist.