White media sources are criticizing Will Smith

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    “Will Smith’s ‘Bad Boys: Ride or Die’ Dominates Box Office, Defying Expectations and Silencing Doubters”

    “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” Revives Summer Box Office with $104.6 Million Opening Weekend

    The highly anticipated film “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence has taken the summer box office by storm, surpassing expectations and breathing new life into a lackluster start to the season. According to Entertainment Weekly, the action-packed movie raked in an impressive $104.6 million globally in its opening weekend, claiming the number one spot.

    Despite its success, the media coverage surrounding “Ride or Die” has been tinged with a familiar tone, with mainstream outlets focusing on Smith’s supposed comeback following his 2022 Oscars controversy. Leading up to the film’s premiere, many questioned whether audiences would embrace Smith after the infamous “slap” incident, with Variety and The Hollywood Reporter running stories on the topic.

    However, for Black audiences, the success of “Ride or Die” comes as no surprise. Journalist Daric L. Cottingham pointed out that the “Bad Boys” franchise has always been a hit, and the film’s strong performance is a testament to the loyalty of Black consumers.

    The film’s success has also been attributed to its strategic press rollout, which prioritized Black media outlets and featured in-person appearances from both Smith and Lawrence. Social media users have praised the duo for engaging with Black spaces and communities during the promotion of the film.

    “Ride or Die’s” stellar weekend at the box office serves as a reminder that underestimating the Black audience and discounting the star power of actors like Will Smith is a mistake. Despite the controversy surrounding him, Smith’s ability to draw in audiences remains as strong as ever, proving that his talent and appeal are undeniable.