Is Rihanna Really Retired From Music or Just Playing a Prank?

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    Rihanna Sparks Retirement Rumors with “I’m Retired” Shirt at FENTY x PUMA Creeper Phatty Earth Tone Launch Party

    Rihanna’s recent outfit choice has sparked rumors and speculation about her future in the music industry. The singer was seen wearing a vintage 90’s Peacock Papers shirt that read “I’m Retired This Is as Dressed Up as I Get,” paired with a maxi skirt, FENTY X Puma sneakers, and a Bottega Veneta bag while out with boyfriend A$AP Rocky.

    Fans took to social media to express their concerns and excitement over the possibility of Rihanna retiring from music. Some users urged her to get back in the recording booth, while others speculated about what her next move could be.

    In addition to the retirement rumors, Rihanna also recently announced the launch of her latest venture, Fenty Hair. The singer shared her passion for hair as a form of self-expression and creativity, emphasizing the importance of products that are easy to use and promote hair repair.

    With the anticipation building for both her potential retirement from music and the launch of Fenty Hair, Rihanna continues to keep fans on their toes with her unpredictable and exciting ventures. Stay tuned for more updates on the multi-talented artist’s next moves.