LeBron James Surprises Kai Cenat and Druski with Live Stream Call

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    Kevin Hart Convinced LeBron James To FaceTime

    Kai Cenat’s live stream on June 10 became a star-studded affair when Kevin Hart and Druski joined in for a few hours of jokes and random conversations. The online personality managed to up the ante when Hart decided to flex his industry connections by FaceTiming none other than LeBron James during the stream.

    The excitement was palpable as Hart dialed up James in the middle of the stream, catching both Cenat and Druski off guard. The two men couldn’t contain their excitement as they interacted with the Lakers superstar, with Druski even expressing surprise at hearing James swear during the conversation.

    As the group bantered back and forth, the energy in the room reached a fever pitch, with Cenat and Druski urging Hart to show James on the phone screen to the camera. The comedian obliged, giving viewers a split-second glimpse of the basketball legend.

    Hart, who has known James for over a decade, tried to keep the conversation going while Cenat and Druski reveled in the moment. Both men have expressed admiration for James in the past, with Druski even declaring him better than Michael Jordan on a podcast.

    The playful banter between Hart and James is nothing new, with the two engaging in friendly roasts over the years. The unexpected FaceTime call during Cenat’s stream added another memorable moment to their ongoing friendship, leaving fans eagerly anticipating more interactions between the comedic duo and the basketball icon.