Nick Cannon Plans to Celebrate Father’s Day by Bringing All His Children to Work

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    Nick Cannon Celebrates Father’s Day on The Masked Singer with All His Children

    Nick Cannon is making waves once again, this time by bringing all of his children to The Masked Singer for Father’s Day. In an interview with People, Cannon expressed his excitement about spending the day with his kids and receiving handmade gifts from them. Despite the day being meant for rest, Cannon is eager to engage with his children and create lasting memories.

    But that’s not the only headline Cannon is making. In a bold move, Cannon has insured his balls for $10 million in partnership with Dr. Squatch. Using the Ball Valuation Tool, Cannon was deemed to have the β€œMost Valuable Balls” and subsequently secured an official insurance policy to protect his assets. This move comes amidst rumors of a potential vasectomy and anticipation around baby #13, showcasing Cannon’s dedication to his expanding family.

    Fans can now use the Ball Valuation Tool to discover their own ball valuation and enroll in Dr. Squatch’s Ball-to-Ball coverage. The insurance is part of Dr. Squatch’s new Ball Care line, which includes products like the Groin Guardian Electric Trimmer, Ball Barrier Dry Lotion, and Beast Wipes, designed to help men care for their privates with confidence.

    John Ludeke, Vice President of Marketing at Dr. Squatch, emphasized the importance of below-the-belt hygiene and grooming, stating that by creating a conversation around it, they are empowering men to live happier and healthier lives. Cannon, also known as Daddy Cannon, expressed his gratitude to Dr. Squatch for recognizing the value of his balls and providing the protection needed to keep his family tree growing.