DoorDasher Uses Racial Slurs During Food Delivery

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    Outrage as Nashville DoorDasher Caught Spewing Racial Slurs During Delivery

    A DoorDasher in Nashville thought he could get away with spewing racial slurs during a routine delivery, but the internet had other plans for him. TikTok user @ChristinaTheeDemo was shocked when she checked her home Ring camera after receiving a food delivery and heard the Dasher say, β€œHere’s your food, ner,” before walking away and adding, β€œchow down, ner.”

    Outraged, she uploaded the footage to TikTok, demanding that DoorDash take action. The video quickly went viral, garnering over 3.2 million views and 25,000 comments before being muted due to the racist language.

    Users on TikTok expressed their shock and disgust at the Dasher’s behavior, with one commenting, β€œI like how he said it outside the door and not in her face.” The video even made its way to X, where users shared their own experiences with racist DoorDashers.

    In response to the incident, DoorDash stated, β€œWe have investigated this incident and taken appropriate action by removing this dasher from the platform.” This comes after another video surfaced of a female Dasher using a racial slur towards a customer.

    Despite the public outcry, DoorDash has yet to release a public statement addressing these incidents. The Nashville DoorDasher may have thought he could get away with his actions, but the power of social media and public pressure proved otherwise.