Kehlani Raises Over Half a Million Dollars for Palestine, Sudan, and Congo

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    Kehlani Raises $555K for Palestine, Sudan, Congo Through Merchandise Sales

    Kehlani Raises $555K for Palestine, Sudan, and Congo Through Merchandise Sales

    In a powerful display of solidarity and support, singer Kehlani has raised over $555,000 for the people of Palestine, Sudan, and Congo through the sales of merchandise tied to her latest single, “Next 2 U.”

    The Bay Area native, known for her unwavering support for Palestine amid the ongoing crisis in Gaza, released merchandise for the song that was “made in Bethlehem in a family owned and run sewing workshop.” All proceeds from the sales were distributed amongst Palestinian, Congolese, and Sudanese families through Operation Olive Branch.

    Taking to social media to share the news of the sold-out items, Kehlani expressed her gratitude to her fans for their overwhelming support. She emphasized the importance of standing together and supporting each other in times of crisis.

    The funds raised from the merchandise sales will aid people affected by the civil war in Sudan and those suffering as a result of armed-resistance attacks in Congo. Kehlani’s public presence in recent months has been focused on her support for Palestine, with the singer making her stance clear on social media.

    In a passionate post, Kehlani addressed the Gaza crisis and called for unity and humanity in the face of ongoing atrocities. Her efforts to raise awareness and support for those in need have not gone unnoticed, with fans and supporters rallying behind her cause.

    Through her music and activism, Kehlani continues to make a difference and inspire others to stand up for what they believe in.