Manager of Ice Spice Reveals How She Retains Ownership of Her Masters and Publishing

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    Ice Spice’s Manager Explains How She Owns Masters and Publishing, Secures Unique Record Deal for Debut Album

    Ice Spice’s manager, James Rosemond Jr., has revealed the groundbreaking strategy that allowed the rising star to retain ownership of her masters and publishing rights, a rare feat for new artists in the music industry. In an interview with Billboard, Rosemond Jr. explained that their approach focused on independence, intellectual property, and generational wealth.

    By patiently building leverage and running up the numbers on Ice Spice’s hit song “Munch,” they were able to secure a unique hybrid deal with 10K Projects and Capitol Records. This deal not only guarantees Ice Spice upfront money but also allows her to maintain control over her music and earn royalties from her publishing rights.

    The announcement of Ice Spice’s debut album, Y2K, set to be released on July 26, has generated excitement among fans. The album cover, shot by David LaChapelle, pays homage to Ice Spice’s NYC roots with references to the city’s subway and graffiti culture. However, the cover art received mixed reviews from fans, with some criticizing its direction.

    Despite the backlash, Ice Spice defended the cover art, emphasizing the significance of working with a legendary artist like LaChapelle. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity and hinted at the intentional placement of the album title on a trash can, sparking speculation among fans.

    With her innovative deal structure and highly anticipated debut album, Ice Spice is poised for success in the music industry, setting a new standard for emerging artists seeking creative control and financial independence.