Rick Ross Takes Another Swipe at Drake with Latest ‘Champagne Moments’ Cover

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    Rick Ross Updates “Champagne Moments” Diss Cover Art, Takes Another Shot at Drake

    Rick Ross has reignited his feud with Drake by updating the cover art for his diss track “Champagne Moments.” The new artwork features a cartoon version of Drake with blond hair and a bow tie, a departure from the original black and white image that resembled the Canadian rapper.

    Fans have been quick to react to the change, with many expressing their preference for the original artwork. One social media user called the new cover art a “downgrade,” while another simply said, “Holy cringe.”

    In the track, released in April, Rick Ross takes aim at Drake’s mixed heritage, rapping lines like, “Weezy gave you the juice/ Another White boy at the park wanna hang with the crew.” He also taunts Drake over his alleged plastic surgery, suggesting that the rapper had a nose job and a six-pack surgery.

    The feud between Rick Ross and Drake reportedly began over a cease and desist letter sent to French Montana regarding a feature. Ross revealed that this incident led to their falling out, with the Miami rapper unfollowing Drake on social media.

    As a result of his ongoing feud with Drake, Rick Ross has found himself in a new beef with The Game, who released a diss track aimed at Ross and his health. The track, titled “Freeway’s Revenge,” takes shots at Ross’s eating habits and alleged sexual fetishes.

    The drama between Rick Ross, Drake, and The Game continues to unfold, keeping fans on the edge of their seats as they wait to see what will happen next in this hip-hop feud.