Rihanna Addresses Pregnancy Speculations and Expresses Desire to Have a Daughter

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    Rihanna Addresses Pregnancy Rumors and Desire for a Daughter: Is She Ready to Be a Girl Mom?

    Rihanna Addresses Pregnancy Rumors and Expresses Desire for Daughter

    Rihanna recently set the record straight on pregnancy rumors and shared her hopes of having a daughter in the future. The singer, who is currently not expecting, spoke about her desire for more children during an interview at the launch of her new brand, Fenty Hair.

    The 36-year-old artist and her partner, A$AP Rocky, are proud parents to two sons, RZA and Riot. Despite already having two boys, Rihanna expressed her excitement at the prospect of having a daughter. She joked about her current status as a boy mom but made it clear that she would love to expand her family.

    In a recent interview, Rihanna playfully addressed the constant questions about her plans for more children. She mentioned that if she were to have a daughter, she would show her all the footage of the anticipation surrounding her arrival. The singer seemed enthusiastic about the idea of having a “spicy little girl.”

    When asked about the number of children she envisions having, Rihanna replied that she is open to however many children God blesses her with. She expressed a desire for more than two children and mentioned that she would love to try for a daughter.

    Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have been enjoying parenthood, with Rocky recently celebrating their son RZA’s second birthday with a heartfelt Instagram post. The couple’s bond has deepened since becoming parents, with Rihanna describing Rocky as a great leader and a loving father.

    Whether Rihanna’s wish for a daughter comes true or not, one thing is certain – she and A$AP Rocky are a loving and devoted family.