Superintendent Refuses Apology from White Father Who Pushed Him

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    Black Wisconsin High School Superintendent Speaks Out After Being Pushed by White Father at Graduation Ceremony

    The Black Wisconsin high school superintendent who was pushed by a white father at a graduation ceremony on May 31 is speaking out against the incident. Dr. Rainey Briggs, head of Baraboo School District, has expressed his disappointment in the actions of Matthew Eddy, the father who pushed him aside as his daughter received her diploma.

    In an interview with the Daily Mail, Briggs stated that Eddy’s apology is essentially worthless in light of the harm caused by his actions. The viral footage of the incident shows Eddy pushing Briggs aside, stating that he didn’t want his daughter touching him. Eddy was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct and Briggs took out a restraining order against him.

    Eddy defended his actions, claiming that he pushed Briggs in response to perceived disrespect during a disciplinary hearing for his daughter. He accused Briggs of rolling his eyes and not deserving his daughter’s handshake after she had faced expulsion.

    Briggs believes that Eddy’s actions ruined the graduation ceremony for all the graduates, who were robbed of a moment they had been looking forward to. He emphasized the importance of the ceremony for the students, who had worked hard and deserved to celebrate their achievements without disruption.

    The incident has sparked outrage on social media, with many condemning Eddy’s behavior. Briggs hopes that the incident will serve as a lesson on the importance of respect and dignity in all interactions, especially in moments of celebration and achievement.