What Led to Sheila E. Being Denied Entry to Prince’s Paisley Park?

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    Sheila E. Denied Entry to Paisley Park, Expresses Disappointment on Prince’s Birthday

    Sheila E., the Grammy-nominated musician and one of Prince’s most famous protégés, recently found herself in a surprising situation when she was denied entry into Paisley Park, Prince’s famous studio-turned-museum. In an Instagram video, Sheila E. expressed her disappointment at not being allowed to enter the iconic studio to celebrate Prince’s birthday.

    Despite being in Minneapolis for a show, Sheila E. was excited to visit Paisley Park and pay tribute to her late collaborator. However, she was shocked when she was turned away at the door. In the video, she shared her heartbreak at not being able to walk into Paisley Park and called the experience “messed up.”

    Sheila E. reminisced about her history with Prince, highlighting that she was the first artist to record with him at Paisley Park. She also mentioned that Prince had borrowed her drum kit to display in the museum, and she now wants it returned.

    In response to Sheila E.’s video, Paisley Park’s official Instagram account issued a statement expressing their love and respect for her. They explained that while they couldn’t allow filming in the studios without prior knowledge and planning due to ongoing tours, they did offer her the opportunity to film in other areas of the facility. They extended an invitation for Sheila E. to return to Paisley Park in the future and wished her a happy Prince Day.

    Despite the initial disappointment, Sheila E. remains grateful for the memories and joy she shared with Prince, and she continues to honor his legacy in her music and performances.