Why Stephen A. Smith’s Critique of Will Smith is Being Overlooked

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    Stephen A. Smith Criticizes Will Smith’s Return to the Big Screen After Oscars Incident

    Fans rushed to theaters this past weekend to catch β€œBad Boys: Ride or Die,” eager to see Will Smith’s return to the big screen after the infamous Oscars slap incident. However, one notable figure was not as excited about Will Smith’s comeback – sports TV personality Stephen A. Smith.

    During a recent episode of his podcast, Stephen A. expressed his disinterest in seeing Will Smith in movies and instead called for a sit-down interview where Will would explain his actions at the Oscars. Stephen A. argued that Will’s attack on Chris Rock overshadowed the night’s celebration of Black excellence and that Will “deserved to get his ass kicked.”

    However, many fans and critics took to social media to defend Will Smith, pointing out that both he and Chris Rock have seemingly moved on from the incident. Despite the backlash, “Bad Boys: Ride or Die” had a successful opening weekend, grossing over $56 million domestically and $104 million globally.

    In response to the criticism, Stephen A. addressed his audience on his podcast, acknowledging the impact of Will’s show “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” on the Black community and Hollywood. While he stood by his initial comments, Stephen A. also recognized the need to move on from the incident, as others have done.

    As the debate continues over Will Smith’s actions at the Oscars, it remains to be seen whether audiences will fully embrace the actor once again.