Elliott Wilson Responds to Accusation of Snitching on Drake to Kendrick

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    Elliott Wilson Addresses Drake Suggestion He Leaked Info to Kendrick Lamar

    Elliott Wilson Addresses Drake Suggestion He Leaked Info to Kendrick Lamar

    Veteran journalist Elliott Wilson has set the record straight regarding the suggestion that he leaked information about Drake to Kendrick Lamar during their recent feud.

    During a recent appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast, Wilson revealed that Drake had sent him a rat emoji before the release of “Family Matters,” implying that Wilson was a snitch. However, Wilson addressed the drama in more detail on the latest episode of DX’s The Bigger Picture series, shutting down the narrative that he had betrayed Drake’s trust.

    Wilson explained that there were industry rumors that Drake was going to respond to Kendrick Lamar’s diss track, “6:16 in LA,” and that Drake had hinted at a response coming. Wilson reached out to Drake to inquire about the potential release, but Drake’s response of a rat emoji left Wilson feeling disrespected.

    Despite the misunderstanding, Wilson emphasized that he has never leaked information to Kendrick Lamar and that his relationship with Drake was not as close as some may have assumed. He also revealed that Drake cut off contact with him and blocked him on Instagram after the incident.

    Wilson also shared that he received threatening phone calls from “OGs” in Toronto after declaring Kendrick Lamar the winner of the beef, highlighting the intensity of the situation.

    In conclusion, Wilson made it clear that he did not betray Drake’s trust and that he remains focused on his work in the hip hop journalism industry.