Kanye West Defends Decision to Fire Security for Refusing to Cut His Locs

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    Kanye West Defends Firing Ex-Employee Over Locs: Claims Justification

    Kanye West Defends Firing Ex-Employee Over Locs

    Kanye West is standing by his decision to fire a former security guard who refused to cut off his locs as a condition of employment. Benjamin Deshon Provo, the ex-employee in question, filed a lawsuit against West for unjust and racially motivated termination back in April. However, new documents obtained by In Touch Weekly reveal that West and his legal team are seeking to have the suit dismissed, denying all of Provo’s claims.

    In the response filed in court, West’s attorneys stated that they believe the termination was justified and undertaken in the good-faith exercise of a legitimate business purpose. They also allege that Provo failed to comply with the company’s complaint/accommodation procedures.

    Provo’s lawsuit claims that he suffered severe emotional distress as a result of West’s behavior, alleging that the rapper would ridicule Black employees with locs due to his Muslim faith. The lawsuit further states that West and his management team treated Black employees less favorably than their white counterparts.

    West has requested that the lawsuit be thrown out and for his attorney fees to be covered, but the judge has not yet made a ruling on the matter. Provo has not specified a specific amount in damages in his lawsuit.

    The controversy surrounding West’s decision to fire Provo has sparked a debate on workplace discrimination and the rights of employees to express their cultural identity through their appearance. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.