Kodak Black’s Attorney Requests Mistrial in Young Thug RICO Case

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    Kodak Black’s Lawyer Calls for Mistrial in Young Thug RICO Case Amid Attorney Arrest Drama

    Kodak Black’s Lawyer Calls for Mistrial in Young Thug RICO Case Amid Attorney Drama

    Kodak Black’s ongoing RICO case has been filled with drama, with his attorney Brian Steel being taken into custody and held in contempt during court proceedings. The recent events have led Kodak Black’s longtime lawyer, Bradford Cohen, to call for a mistrial in the case.

    Cohen took to social media to express his disbelief at the judge’s decision to take Steel into custody, stating, “This case and judge is off the reservation. This is an instant mistrial.” He also praised Steel for standing his ground and called on defense lawyers across the country to be wary of the lack of judicial knowledge in the case.

    Public figures, including Meek Mill and Chance The Rapper, have also been vocal about the trial, criticizing the messy process and calling for Young Thug’s release from jail. Chance The Rapper, in particular, celebrated his birthday by wishing for Thug’s freedom and criticizing the legal errors and misconduct in the trial.

    Young Thug, who was arrested in May 2022 as part of the RICO case against his YSL collective, has been denied bond multiple times and remains in custody. The case has been marred by legal blunders and conflicts of interest, leading to calls for a mistrial and Thug’s release from jail.

    The ongoing drama in the RICO case has captured the attention of many, with supporters of Kodak Black and Young Thug eagerly awaiting the outcome of the trial. As the legal battle continues, the fate of both artists hangs in the balance.