NLE Choppa Stands Up Against Homophobia and Continues to Support the LGBTQ Community

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    NLE Choppa Claps Back At Homophobic Fan: Embracing LGBTQ Support

    NLE Choppa, the rising rap star, has been making headlines for his unwavering support of the LGBTQ community. With the success of his single “SLUT ME OUT 2,” which has garnered over 21 million streams and sparked a viral dance trend, Choppa has been vocal about his appreciation for his LGBTQ fans.

    In a recent tweet, Choppa expressed his desire to perform “SLUT ME OUT 2” at a pride event to show his gratitude for the love and support he has received from the LGBTQ community. However, when faced with a homophobic comment from a fan, Choppa didn’t hesitate to clap back and defend his stance.

    “I’m secure, I know who I am. Show love it won’t hurt and also You do know women are apart of the LGBTQ community right you gone hate them too? I mean at the least appreciate the women in that community if everything else make you uncomfortable king,” Choppa responded.

    This interaction showcases Choppa’s commitment to standing up for his LGBTQ fans and promoting inclusivity within his fan base. It also raises the question of why more rappers don’t openly show support for their gay and trans fans.

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