Rihanna Suggests Taylor Russell to Play Her in a Biopic, Praises Her ‘Nice Forehead’

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    1. Rihanna Picks Taylor Russell to Portray Her in Biopic and Teases Restart on R9
    2. Rihanna Chooses Taylor Russell for Biopic Role and Announces Fenty Hair Launch
    3. Rihanna Selects Taylor Russell for Biopic and Reveals Plans for Fenty Hair Launch
    4. Rihanna Eyes Taylor Russell for Biopic Role and Teases New Music and Fenty Hair Launch

    Rihanna has made headlines once again, this time for eyeing Canadian actress Taylor Russell to portray her in a potential biopic. The reason? Rihanna believes Russell has “a nice forehead” and is “fly.” In an interview with E! News, Rihanna expressed her admiration for Russell, stating, “I want people to see me in that light.”

    But Rihanna isn’t just focused on potential movie roles. The music icon recently revealed that she is starting over on her highly anticipated album, R9. After spending a significant amount of time working on the album, Rihanna is now ready to hit the studio again. Fans can expect new music from the Queen Fenty in the near future.

    In addition to her music endeavors, Rihanna is expanding her Fenty Beauty empire with the introduction of Fenty Hair. In an Instagram post, Rihanna announced the launch of Fenty Hair, a new hairline that aims to cater to people of all ages and ethnicities. The line will offer a range of products designed to strengthen and repair all types of hair.

    The official launch of the Fenty Hair website is set for June 13, with fans able to register now for early access. Rihanna’s announcement has generated excitement among her followers, who are eagerly anticipating the release of her new haircare line. Stay tuned for more updates on Rihanna’s latest ventures.