Child Catches Mom Swearing on Camera in Red Checkered Outfit

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    Sexyy Red’s Son Checks Her for Cursing on Camera and Recent Events

    St. Louis rapper Sexyy Red found herself in a hilarious yet heartwarming moment when her toddler son checked her for cursing on camera. Known for her explicit lyrics and bold personality, Sexyy Red was in the middle of a mini-rant on her Instagram Story when her son chimed in from the background, saying, “Mommy don’t say that!”

    Caught off guard, Sexyy Red quickly apologized to her son but couldn’t help expressing her frustration with people constantly asking to see her kids. Despite the interruption, she reassured her followers that her children were well taken care of.

    The incident comes amidst a series of events in Sexyy Red’s life, including the recent birth of her second child and her decision to undergo breast augmentation surgery. However, the rapper also made headlines for a less positive reason after being involved in a brawl at Newark airport.

    Security footage showed Sexyy Red and her entourage engaged in a physical altercation with another group, resulting in her arrest for disorderly conduct. Despite the incident, Sexyy Red appeared unfazed, jokingly offering to replace the phones of those involved in the altercation.

    While the rapper denied any involvement in the fight, her son’s adorable intervention served as a reminder that even the toughest personalities have a softer side when it comes to family.