Chris Brown Experiences Technical Difficulties Mid-Air at New Jersey Tour Stop

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    Chris Brown’s Airborne Mishap at 2018 BET Experience Staples Center Concert

    Chris Brown’s recent performance at the 2018 BET Experience Staples Center Concert in Los Angeles took an unexpected turn when the singer found himself stuck mid-air during a technical malfunction. The incident occurred while Brown was belting out his hit song “Under the Influence,” leaving him suspended in place as he continued to sing flawlessly.

    In a now-viral video, Brown can be seen hanging in the air as his dancers carried on with the choreography around him. Eventually, three men and a giant ladder were brought onstage to safely lower him back to the ground, much to the relief of the audience who applauded the singer’s professionalism.

    Despite the mishap, Brown remained composed and even cracked a joke about the situation, telling the crowd, “Nigga got stuck in the air and shit. I was mad than a motherfucker, I ain’t gon’ lie. But y’all helped me through it, it’s all good.”

    Fans took to social media to praise Brown for his dedication to the performance, with many calling him a true professional and applauding his ability to keep the show going despite the unexpected setback.

    The incident may have been a hiccup in the show, but it only served to showcase Brown’s talent and commitment to his craft, earning him even more respect from his loyal fan base.