Christian Cooper, the man involved in the Central Park Karen incident, wins Emmy

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    Christian Cooper Wins Daytime Emmy for “Extraordinary Birder” Series on Disney+

    Christian Cooper, the Black bird watcher who gained fame after a viral encounter with a Central Park Karen, has now added an Emmy to his list of accomplishments. Cooper’s Disney+ series, “Extraordinary Birder with Christian Cooper,” took home a Daytime Emmy over the weekend, solidifying his place as a talented and deserving winner.

    In case you need a reminder, Cooper became a household name in 2020 when a video of a white woman, Amy Cooper (no relation), calling the police on him after he asked her to leash her dog went viral. The incident, which was caught on camera by Christian, led to serious repercussions for Amy, including losing her job and facing charges of false reporting. However, Cooper was able to turn the negative experience into a positive one by landing his own television series with National Geographic and Disney+.

    During his acceptance speech at the Daytime Emmys, Cooper expressed his gratitude and reflected on his journey as a closeted queer kid in the 1970s and a Black kid in the predominantly white field of birding. He emphasized the importance of moving forward together and embracing change in a rapidly evolving world.

    “Extraordinary Birder with Christian Cooper” takes viewers on a captivating journey into the world of birds, showcasing the beauty and wonder of these feathered creatures. The series is now available for streaming on Disney+, offering audiences a unique and educational experience.

    Christian Cooper’s Emmy win serves as a testament to his resilience and talent, proving that even in the face of adversity, success is possible.