Joyner Lucas Forced to Cancel Tour Dates Due to Vocal Problems

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    Joyner Lucas Cancels Final Tour Dates Due to Vocal Issues

    Joyner Lucas Cancels Final Tour Dates Due to Vocal Issues

    Joyner Lucas, the talented rapper behind the hit album “ADHD,” has been forced to cancel the final two stops on his current tour due to vocal issues that he can no longer push through. In an Instagram post on Thursday night, Lucas apologized to his fans for having to cancel the Seattle and New York City stops of his ‘Not Now I’m Busy’ tour.

    Lucas explained that he had been pushing his voice to the limit during the last four shows, even resorting to steroid shots in his throat to be able to perform. However, his voice has now completely given out, leaving him unable to finish the tour. Despite the disappointment, Lucas promised to make it up to his fans and thanked them for their support.

    The tour is set to conclude on June 22 in Massachusetts with ‘Joyner Fest,’ a concert featuring other artists like Fridayy, Conway The Machine, and Rotimi. Lucas recently released his second album, “Not Now I’m Busy,” which includes collaborations with Conway the Machine, Logic, and the late DMX.

    In a recent interview, Lucas opened up about his relationship with Eminem, describing the rapper’s elusive nature when it comes to communication. Eminem has praised Lucas as one of his favorite rappers, comparing the admiration to being recognized by Michael Jordan as a great basketball player.

    Despite the setbacks, Joyner Lucas remains grateful for the support of his fans and is determined to come back stronger than ever.