Mother in Colorado Left 5-year-old Daughter’s Remains in Fireplace

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    Mother in Colorado Sentenced to 84 Years in Prison for Murder of 5-Year-Old Daughter

    Aurora, Colorado – In a shocking turn of events, a mother in Colorado has been sentenced to 84 years in prison for the murder of her 5-year-old daughter, Maha Li Hobbs. Alexus Nelson, 28, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, tampering with a deceased body, and attempting to influence a public servant.

    The tragic case unfolded in May 2023 when Nelson’s mother called the Aurora Police Department for a welfare check after not seeing her granddaughter for nearly three weeks. Nelson initially claimed she had given up her child for adoption, but when authorities investigated, they found no record of such an arrangement.

    A search of Nelson’s apartment revealed the burnt human remains of Maha Li in a utility closet and her bone fragments in the fireplace. It was a horrifying discovery that left the community reeling.

    Senior Deputy DA Kathleen Tierney expressed shock and disbelief at the heinous crime, stating, “It’s both heartbreaking and appalling that a mother would kill her own child and then make up a bogus adoption story.”

    As part of her plea deal, Nelson’s trial dates have been vacated, and her attorneys will not be allowed to appeal the ruling in the future. The sentencing of 84 years in prison serves as a grim reminder of the consequences of such a heinous act.

    The case has sparked outrage and disbelief in the community, with many questioning how a mother could commit such a horrific crime against her own child. The tragic story serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting the most vulnerable among us and seeking justice for those who cannot speak for themselves.