Video Shows Michigan Middle School Coach Choking Student

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    Middle School Student Assaulted by Teacher in Michigan Hallway, Family Seeks Justice

    A shocking incident at Ypsilanti Middle School in Michigan has left a 14-year-old student, Michel Moon, and his family seeking justice after a former employee turned a simple disciplinary situation into a violent assault.

    Security footage from June 4 captured the disturbing scene of the employee, who was serving as a hall monitor, choking Moon with a t-shirt in the school hallway. The employee has since been charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm by strangulation, and assault & battery.

    The employee has lost his job and is banned from the school district and property, but Moon’s family is not satisfied with just that. They plan to file a lawsuit against the school and the former employee, claiming that the incident has left Moon traumatized.

    According to Moon’s attorney, Jordan Vahdat, the school had a duty to protect its students and provide a safe learning environment. The family believes that the school failed in that duty, leading to the traumatic experience for Moon.

    The incident has sparked outrage in the community, with many calling for accountability and justice for Moon. As the legal process unfolds, the family hopes to see the former employee held responsible for his actions and for the school to take steps to ensure the safety of all students in the future.