Young Thug’s Associate Confesses to Lying to Police

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    Young Thug’s Former Associate Admits to Lying to Police

    Young Thug’s former associate Lil Woody has made shocking revelations in court, admitting that he lied to police and made up stories during his interactions with law enforcement. Born Kenneth Copeland, Lil Woody confessed on the stand that he answered “yes” to all prosecutor inquiries in an effort to rush through questioning.

    He disclosed that he had been dishonest in all his police interviews dating back to 2015, stating, “Every time they grabbed me, I had a different story for them.” Lil Woody admitted that he was not truthful and was saying whatever the authorities wanted to hear.

    The YSL affiliate’s testimony took a dramatic turn when he refused to testify against Young Thug, invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. This led to him being held in contempt of court until Monday, as the prosecution had offered him immunity in exchange for his testimony.

    The YSL RICO trial has been filled with twists and turns, including Young Thug’s lawyer Brian Steel being arrested for contempt of court after a confrontation with the judge. Steel’s legal victory allowed him to avoid jail time, ensuring he will be home for Father’s Day weekend.

    The ongoing trial continues to captivate audiences with its high-stakes drama and legal battles, leaving many eagerly awaiting the outcome of the case.