Icewear Vezzo and Baby Money Collaborate on “Underdog (Hate It Or Love It)”

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    Icewear Vezzo & Baby Money Shine on New Track “Underdogs (Hate It Or Love It)”

    Icewear Vezzo and Baby Money are taking the Detroit rap scene by storm with their latest collaboration, “Underdogs (Hate It Or Love It).” The dynamic duo sampled 50 Cent and The Game’s classic track from The Documentary, putting their own spin on it and giving listeners a glimpse into their lives in the Motor City.

    In the song, Vezzo reflects on his struggles and triumphs, showcasing his unwavering determination to succeed. Baby Money, on the other hand, paints a vivid picture of his journey through the streets of Detroit, highlighting the pivotal moments that shaped him into the artist he is today.

    While their version may not surpass the success of the original, it certainly adds a fresh perspective from two of Detroit’s most beloved artists. Fans are encouraged to check out the new track and share their thoughts on whether Vezzo and Baby Money did justice to the iconic collaboration.

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