Lil Fizz Engages in Physical Confrontation During Podcast Interview Recording

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    Lil Fizz Involved in Physical Altercation During Podcast Interview

    Lil Fizz, known for his time in the group B2K and his appearances on Love & Hip Hop, found himself in a heated physical altercation while recording a new podcast interview. A video posted by Hollywood Unlocked on Instagram captured the moment when Fizz was attacked by someone on the set of what appears to be the Movies & Models Podcast. In the video, Fizz can be seen being pulled up from the ground as he exclaims, "got me f*cked up in here." The reason behind the altercation remains unclear.

    Fans took to the comments section to share their reactions, with many finding humor in the situation. One user joked, "He got up and said got me fcked up when I say Iā€™m in tears," while another speculated, "There must be a secret chamber underground that he came up out of cause." The incident left fans in stitches, with one remarking, "I watched him rise out from under the abyss and flew delta to the comment section and yall on God almost made me piss myself. Iā€™m crying real fckin tears."

    This incident comes after Fizz made headlines for his relationship with Apryl Jones, who shares children with his former B2K groupmate, Omarion. During the opening night of B2K’s Millennium Tour in 2021, Fizz publicly apologized to Omarion for his past actions, leading to a reconciliation between the two. Stay tuned for further updates on Lil Fizz’s latest endeavors on HotNewHipHop.