Rubi Rose Admits to Joe Budden That She Doesn’t Pen Her Own Songs

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    Rubi Rose’s Songwriting Process Revealed: What You Need to Know

    Rubi Rose made a memorable appearance on the Joe Budden Podcast, where she discussed various topics, including her start as a video girl and her songwriting process. The rapper caused a stir online when she misconstrued her age during the “Bad and Boujee” video, but she later clarified the confusion. However, what caught less attention was Rose’s revelation that she doesn’t pen most of her own lyrics, despite being both a rapper and songwriter.

    During the podcast, Joe Budden didn’t hold back and asked Rose about her upcoming debut album in 2024 and her involvement in writing her songs. To everyone’s surprise, Rose admitted that she doesn’t write her own songs at all. This candid confession led to a moment of awkward laughter followed by applause from the panel.

    In addition to her songwriting process, Rose also clarified that she is not a gang member, despite being seen throwing up gang signs and wearing red in the past. She explained that she was simply around gang members and enjoyed the aesthetic, but she is not affiliated with any gang.

    Rubi Rose’s transparency and honesty on the podcast have garnered attention and praise from fans and the industry alike. While her future in the music industry remains uncertain, one thing is clear – she is unapologetically real with her audience.